Sunday, November 11, 2012


 Brannon was on a business trip the week of Halloween and got back just in time to take the kids trick or treating. Thank goodness papa came to town and helped us carve a pumpkin the night before. Taj was very worried about the pumpkin guts and kept telling papa to "washa hands."
 We dressed Haivi as Minnie Mouse because we don't go anywhere without her minnie mouse "baby."
 I love her pose in this one!
 She dug into Taj's spoils and pulled out a few things for herself-that's my girl!
 We did buy Taj a fireman costume that he picked out himself, but he wanted nothing to do with it, so we dressed him in what he wears every day and figured people would think he actually dressed up for Halloween. Well it worked. It wasn't hard passing him off as a cowboy to the city folk.

 Taj's first house and he scored a king sized Snickers!
 Taj really figured out Halloween this year and I ran from house to house with him. He would run to the door, knock, and then ring the doorbell. He had to do it the same way every time and when people opened the door, he would rush right in their house and help himself to a piece of candy. At least he was polite and only took ONE piece of candy, haha!
Haivi having a Kit Kat.

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