Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double Birthday Bash

 Are you not blown away by our mad cake decorating skills?! Brannon did Taj's cake and I did Haivi's. Maybe someday we will pay for an expensive work of art that nobody wants to eat because nobody wants to mess it up, but at this age, if they don't care about where their cake came from or what it looks like, then neither do we. We are all about simple at our house!
 She spent most of her birthday doing this. We have all agreed that we have no idea how, but that she is a mini-me in personality of my baby sister Macee.

 Haivi's loot. I think she is slightly spoiled:)
 Taj's stash.

 She did not like this hat one bit. The little stinker wouldn't even leave it on for 5 seconds so that we could get a picture of her with it on. Taj wore the same hat on his 1st birthday too, but she wanted NOTHING to do with it.

 The first thing she did when we pulled her doll out of the box was put the binky in the doll's mouth and then lean in to give her baby a kiss. She's never played with a doll before and we were all amazed at how innate and naturally that came to her. Maybe there really is something to be said about it being a woman's responsibility to care for her children.

 She did NOT want Taj touching her baby. Little Miss Haivi definitely has a sassy and stubborn personality. It's her way or you get pinched, your hair pulled, slapped, laser eyes, and/or screamed at. She is definitely the most stubborn little person in our family. SO much attitude! I'm afraid of what she'll be like when she's a teenager if we are already getting sass!

 Taj looked at both cakes and said, "I want dat one. I want da pink one." Haivi didn't mind sharing as long as he stayed away from the white frosting dollops.
 Note to self: DO NOT let Taj scoop frosting off the cake and eat it by the handfuls or you will be frightened out of your sleep at 5 o'clock in the morning by the awful sound of a child puking in his bed. I'm sure most parents would agree that is the WORST sound ever to hear in the middle of the night! He spent the rest of the next day sick as well. So next time we know: Don't let Taj eat pink frosting!
Dainty Haivi didn't make too much of a mess while eating her cake. You can see that she mainly stuck to plucking the white frosting dollops off the cake and eating those. I was just relieved she didn't puke in her bed that night too!

Last weekend we celebrated Taj and Haiven's birthday. Master Taj is now the big 04 and little Miss Haivi is the big 01. We thought they wouldn't mind celebrating on the same day since neither of them knew it was their birthday anyway. Taj was definitely into opening presents and eating some cake this year and we think maybe NEXT year he will know it is his birthday! The party was certainly not a "bash," but Brannon and I and my parents enjoyed watching them open their presents together.

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