Sunday, September 23, 2012

My babies are growing up...sniff!

 She was just fine sitting in the wagon watching daddy do some weeding until she saw me. She is QUITE the momma's girl and don't mind that one little bit!
 Taj took this picture and he made sure to put my necklace around her before he took it. I love this pica;)
 Haivi showing off her crawling and swiping skills. You can tell she is PRETTY proud of herself!
 She loves driving daddy's truck.
 She cannot get enough of this toy and likes to be pushed around the yard on it.
 Brannon just cannot help himself. He can't just push her nice and slow across the lawn, he has to do wheelies with her. I was freaking out. Her? She was loving it!
 Check out this awesome solid wood highchair I scored at a garage sale for 10 bucks! I am going to paint it robin's egg blue. I don't know if you noticed Minnie's head popping out above the tray on the highchair, but Haiven is absolutely in love with her Minnie. Wherever we go, Minnie goes too. Haivi has done SO much better at daycare because of Minnie. I actually ordered a duplicate off of Amazon (because you can find anything there for a great price!) so that she can have one for daycare and one for home. I am really kind of, well, A LOT, weird about germs and I'd rather she didn't spread daycare germs all over our house with her Minnie. I do throw Minnie in the washer once a week, but still, Minnie smelled like a butt yesterday and I recoiled at the thought of what germs were colonizing on Minnie's ears. PLUS, if we ever lose one, we will have a backup!
 Taj's first day of his second year of preschool. I LOVE this picture because for the first time, LIKE EVER, he smiled for me. This is his best attempt at a smile and I'll take it! He is really weird about having his picture taken and this picture melts my heart.
 He wanted to show off his new Buzz Lightyear backpack that picked out.
 Taj has had an increased interest in helping me cook dinner. Whenever he see me chopping vegetables, he wants to help, so we pull the step stool up to the counter and I give him the leftover bits of veggies that I'm not going to use and he cuts them up with a butter knife. He feels so accomplished when he gets done and it's so cute!
 Taj burns some major rubber on his "modosykal" on our back patio.
Brannon does NOT like these overalls, but I think he looked super cute in them, especially when he paired "papa's boots" with them.

I don't know why, but ever since I started teaching school again, it seems like my babies are growing up way too fast for my liking. Taj is in preschool again this year and little Miss Haivi has finally learned how to crawl and is saying more and more words and looking more like a toddler and less like a baby, which is breaking my heart. How has it already been almost one year since I had Haivi and almost FOUR years since I had Taj?! Here are some pictures to show how big they are getting. I love my babies!

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