Sunday, September 23, 2012

Five Guys Goodbye

About a month ago, our good friends who lived right across the street from us got the wonderful news that her husband had been offered an awesome job as CFO of a hospital in their home town. I think they had been wanting to move back home for some time now, so it was wonderful news for them. For me? It was NOT so wonderful news! Every since we moved up here it seems that all the friends I make move away! It was tougher this time because we were really good friends for almost three years. They also have a little boy who Taj LOVED to play with. In fact, while saying prayers with Taj the other night, he said he was thankful for this boy and this boy's house and his toys. (When we say prayers with Taj, either Brannon or myself will say, "I'm thankful for..." and then Taj fills in the blanks with one word responses that summarize the events of the day in his little mind. Papa's jeep, Papa, and Papa's house are always on the list:)) I was really good friends with this boy's mommy Erin. I remember getting in the car to go to church on Sunday and looking across the street and seeing the "For Rent" sign up in front of their duplex. I told Brannon there's no way it was them that were moving out, but when we got to church, I cried when they told me of the sudden job offer and that they were moving in a few weeks. They will definitely be missed, but we were so happy that they scored such a good job and they bought their first home too. We have many good memories with the Toolson family and I'm just glad they only live a couple hours away!

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