Sunday, September 23, 2012

Golden Spike Museum

Lately, Brannon has been quite the planner of family activities. A couple weekends ago, he planned a trip to the Golden Spike Museum. Where is it? I'm not sure, but it's almost to the the Idaho border and clear out past the middle of nowhere. I cannot imagine laying down rail in the hot sun, not a tree around for even a little bit of shade. We spent about an hour there watching a re-creation of the day the railroads met. Haivi did not enjoy it in the least because the trains kept tooting their incredibly loud horns. Taj liked the part where they did a demonstration with one of the trains and we got to see it go backwards and then forwards on the track.  Then we all got bored and hot, so we left and hit Brigham City on our way back. This was over Labor Day weekend and we thought we would go to the temple open house on our way back. When we drove by the temple, the line was so long, it wrapped completely around the temple. We heard that it was a three hour wait and there was no way in you know where I was going to subject myself and my babies to 90 degree weather for three hours! (We went back two weeks later and only had to wait about 40 minutes, much better! Taj and Haiven were completely awed by the Celestial Room. Both of their heads were turned upward and Haivi kept pointing and smiling at the ceiling. Taj could not stop saying, "Momma, momma! Wook! Pwetty wights! I really wanted them to be able to go through the temple and it was so worth it! Taj's favorite part of the evening was riding the shuttle bus to and from the temple, haha!) So we ate at a crappy Chinese place instead and prayed that we wouldn't get food poisoning. Taj ate a GIANT battered and fried shrimp thing and we were so thankful because they didn't have anything for kids there. He thought it was chicken and we didn't tell him otherwise. We stopped at a little frozen yogurt shop on our way out of town and got fresh peach shakes made with Brigham's famous peaches. They were amazing! I love doing little things like this with my little family.

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