Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today we celebrated Grandpa and Grandma Morse's birthdays. Grandpa is going to be the big 8-0 and Grandma the big 8-3. They both have October birthdays, so usually the family gets together to celebrate. I've been thankful that I've had time to get to know them and claim them as my own grandparents. They have certainly made me feel as one of their own and I've learned many priceless life lessons from them. Brannon has wonderful family on both sides. I really lucked out in in-laws! ;)
So still no baby yet, but I'm not freaking out as much as I was about two days ago. I've decided what my problem is: I am trying to have absolutely every little thing done before the baby comes, almost as if the world is going to stop when she is born. I set myself up to be overwhelmed, so I've been reminding myself every hour of every day that life will go on, that I won't be totally incapacitated when the baby comes, that I will still be able to go out and run errands and go to the gym and go to the park, etc. I guess I was just trying to be so prepared that I wouldn't really have to do anything but survive for the first two weeks. Lucky for me my mom is able to come and stay for a week and Brannon will take some work off after that, so I should survive just fine!
p.s. Anyone have an natural ways to induce labor that worked for them? This is just me getting desperate...have mercy....the picture above clearly conveys my suffering!

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Raevan Blake said...

I don't know what your hospitals rules are, but mine wouldn't let my Dr strip my membranes until 39 weeks, but it worked for me!! I went in in the morning and got them stripped (it is slightly unpleasant) then did everything I had ever heard that induced labor. I got my grocery shopping done, ate pineapple until my mouth hurt, chugged Tree Top Apple juice, made Andy come home for a little bit wink wink, and basically never sat down to keep those contractions coming:). I had him that night! Hope something works dear!