Monday, August 8, 2011

Train Weekend

If there is a toy machine that wants money to operate it, Taj will find it. Unfortunately for Taj, I almost never have change, so I'm always glad that he's content with just pretending that he's actually going for a ride.

We were the "caboose" on this mini train. Notice the seat is only like three inches wide? Talk about fanny seat sandwich! Most parents had to waddle away groaning after this ride. I of course being 40 pounds over my normal weight had no problem with this seat;)
Brannon grabbing Taj out of the out of bounds area. Taj was so excited to get on a train he ran around the fence and hopped on one of the mini trains sitting there. That boy is super quick!

On the first Saturday of the month, there is a man in Farmington, UT who operates his mini trains for little kids and their parents to ride on. Apparently, it is a family hobby and the man builds most of the trains himself, including the laying down of all the track. That, I'm sure is a time consuming and expensive hobby! Brannon told me after we'd ridden the trains that he would like to do the same thing as a hobby someday. I told him to count me out, but more power to him:) Obviously a lot of work goes into what this man does, but you should have seen the smiles on all the kids faces and the huge line of people waiting to ride these trains. The kids are probably why this man works so hard to do what he does with these trains. I'm sure you have to be a kid at heart to choose this as a hobby! Taj and Brannon enjoyed it a lot more than I did, but I'm sure that's just because I am pregnant and hot all the time:)

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