Monday, August 15, 2011

This Boy has My Heart

He loves wearing his harness around the house, so NO I don't make him wear it, he insists on it. I think he loves it because it's a puppy dog harness.
Lately every time he gets an "owie" he comes running to me and holds out whatever hurts and wants me to kiss it. Sometimes I have to force myself to kiss his grubby little fingers or elbow or knee because as soon as I kiss it and say "all better" and he runs off playing again, totally forgetting that he got hurt in the first place.

I refinished a chair outside in the hot sun the other day and when I brought out a huge glass of ice water to keep from dying of thirst and heat, I think I got two drinks of it before Taj and his sandy little shovel found its way into it. He liked digging for the ice cubes:)

Taj is growing up on me. He is going to be 3 in less than two months and I can tell. He is starting to get a lot more independent, which is good and bad, but more good I would say. He can now open the fridge and get himself a drink or a snack. However he has to still be supervised as sometimes he chooses Soy Sauce, Half n' Half, gourmet olives, or eggs. He can also open the freezer, which is not good because he leaves it open once he gets it open. Plus, he knows that's where we keep the popsicles and as of today we've almost gone through an entire box of Otter Pops in less than two weeks.
He usually wakes me up in the morning by coming in my room, turning off the humidifier, and then he hands me my glasses because he knows mommy goes nowhere without her glasses. Some mornings he climbs in bed with me and snuggles for awhile, which I love because he hardly ever slows down to just be held.
He loves helping with laundry, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and mopping. He's already broken one of my mops and nearly bleached out a pile of dark clothes I had sitting by the washer by throwing them in with the whites. He still loves to be outside riding his bike, playing in the sandbox, riding his Buzz Lightyear fourwheeler, playing at the park, and pushing his trucks. He absolutely loves anything with wheels still. He has about four or five trucks that he rotates through throughout the day. At night he usually chooses a toy from his toy box to go to sleep with along with his stick horse and giant stuffed animal caterpillar. He also has to have his blanket spread out in a certain way or else he freaks out and won't go to sleep.
He is still a huge movie buff, which is nice on cleaning day;)
He just got evaluated last week by the Davis School District to determine whether or not he qualifies for special needs preschool. He is also going to be evaluated by the district occupational therapist and psychologist just to make sure all our bases are covered. I'm pretty certain that he qualifies for preschool as he still has a pretty significant speech delay and sensory issues. We have an IEP next month to determine if and what type of preschool he qualifies for. I am very optimistic about him going to preschool and getting the extra help he needs. I'm sure that we will see a significant improvement in his speech once he begins preschool. We still brush him two or three times a day, which continues to help him eat better. As of today he will still eat about two meals a day, which is HUGE for us as he used to eat not even one meal a day on average. I'm sure we are going to see big improvement from here on out!
Taj is so full of personality and energy and there is not one day that is not made interesting because of him. I wouldn't have it any other way. We are so thankful for our Taji boy!

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