Friday, April 29, 2011

THE official Easter Post: Part 1

This picture cracks me up. I love how my mom's leg is sticking out perpendicular from her body and how my belly is nearly knocking my sister out of the way and how it looks like Macee (the short one next to me) has only one leg and how Marci was the only one able to pull of the whole kick up your leg pose:)

This is the only picture we could get where he was halfway smiling. I wanted a picture of us in our Easter best, but Taj was unwilling to cooperate with anyone except grandpa. My little brother who is not so little anymore. He is 6'1'' at 15 years old and still growing. In fact they had to buy him new jeans again, for the like the second time this year, because he is growing so fast. My question: Why didn't I get tall genes? I definitely got the short end of the stick, literally!
Myself, my mom, and my two sisters in our Easter Sunday best.
Grandpa and Taj. I should note that when grandpa is around, everyone else can go suck an egg for all Taj cares. I think every single one of us got whacked by Taj that weekend EXCEPT grandpa.
Auntie Marci doing some holding therapy.
Out of everything he got for Easter, the Pez dispenser won out. The kid absolutely loves Pez. Sometimes when I have to go to an appointment and I have to take Taj with me, I buy a Pez dispenser and plenty of Pez candy to go with it because I know that as long as the candy keeps popping magically out of the dispenser, that he'll stay mesmerized for at least an hour!


Cherish said...

yup I love the leg kick picture too. soo funny.

Lea Ann said...

I was'nt posing for a picture. I was warming up for a game of kick ball. You guys are silly. I was getting my game face on. I was.