Thursday, April 28, 2011

Belated Easter Cheer

I am way behind on my posting, thus the Easter window cling post nearly a week after Easter. I actually bought these clings two weeks before Easter and thought they might be fun for Taj to put on the front room window (which I'm sure Brannon would have loved had they actually stayed on the window...for those of you who don't know Brannon personally, he considers all holiday window clings and giant blow-up decor for the front yard as "tacky." I'm sure our kids will break him of this perspective in a few more years:)) Anyway, the clings didn't last more than 15 minutes before Taj figured out how much more fun it was to rip the clings in half. Sadly, not even the Easter bunny survived and I'm still finding bits of that gel stuck all over the house. Glad they didn't cost much!

(THE official Easter post coming

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