Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Project #2

For the first time since we've been married, we actually put up a REAL tree this year. We drove all the way down to the tree lot by the local Walgreens and paid $35 bucks for this beauty("$35 bucks!" you say "why not buy a permit and hike for three hours in waist deep snow, hack down your own scrawny and asymmetrical tree with a rusty old hand saw, and sustain frostbite for a third of the price!"). While I do enjoy such fond family Christmas tree hunting memories, I (we) decided to take the short-cut this year and just buy one that somebody else went all the trouble to get. I don't regret it one single bit, even if my floor is covered in pine needles. It may be a little short, but it's very full and it smells like heaven. I love love love it! I was just sooo thankful that I (yes I said "I" Brannon always disappears when it's time to put up the tree, typical male holiday behavior I suppose) didn't have to reassemble our fake Christmas tree. Let me just give you the stats on our fake tree: It's only about 9 feet tall and about 10 feet wide. You want to talk about a "full" tree, well this is it. Not only does it take up half of the living room, but it smells like dust and leaves everyone with a tickle in their nose. The best part about this tree is that one must assemble every single branch using a color code system that would't even give the color blind a chance. After inserting every single branch into the appropriate groove, one must then bend and shape EVERY SINGLE BRANCH to make it look like a "real" tree. I'm telling you, by the time you get done assembling the dang thing, your hair is infested with dust termites and your hands smell like you've been playing in your grandma's dusty old mothball trunk. I now see why my grandma was more than happy to gift the tree to us when we got married. Behind those gold-rimmed glasses and sweet smile I know what she was thinking, "Ha Ha Suckas! Good riddance!"

This is my second home beautifying project: a family picture collage. I think painting was the first project, so this then is #2, just to clarify, in case you were wondering. I bought the frames from the D.I. (I love that place!), painted and sanded them, then added our family pics. It really did liven up the room. Our house is feeling more "homey" with every project!


Janice Twitchell said...

cute chelle! love the tree and love the collage. wanna come do my house projects too? :)

Cherish said...

Michelle, I gotta say, you are such a creative beautiful decorator! And your writing is brilliant! You really are talented! Brannon is lucky to have such an awesome wife! Lots of exclamations I know. lol