Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, The Big Hunt, and Vaseline

What is that gigantic grease smear on that pillow you say? Well let me tell you, it's Vaseline. You know, that yellow, greasy petroleum jelly that people use to put on their lips, hands, baby's butts, whatever's chapped, etc. My precious little two year old adores the stuff and he managed to get a hold of it last night while I was unpacking from a week long trip. I left him alone for five minutes and in that time he was able to climb on top of our dresser, snag the Vaseline, and smear the contents of that entire container all over MY pillow, the comforter, the red microfiber couch downstairs, and all over himself. I now have permanent grease marks on my bedspread, sheets, and couch. It really was a lovely way to end a long trip. Is this a bad omen of worse things to come???
Taj looked rather dashing as a pirate for Halloween this year.
He loved the whole Trick-or-Treat idea this year. It was fascinating to him that if you held out your bucket someone would put something in it.

Did I mention he absolutely hated his costume and cried for about an hour straight after we put it on him? I finally had to take off the red sash at the Halloween carnival so that he would stop crying and actually have fun. The hat lasted about 10 sec, enough time for a quick picture. The amazing thing is that the black eyeliner I used to draw his little goatee didn't even smudge after profuse amounts of snot of tears ran over it.

Sewing Project #3: I made this skirt thanks to the help from my wonderful friend Jan for my sister for her birthday. Did I mention she's a teenager and very picky? Well she actually liked it and I've heard through the grapevine that she's already worn it. The prospects of making my own clothes are looking better and better already!
This hunt was the hunt Brannon's been looking forward to since he was a boy. He finally drew out for a limited hunt this year and spent weeks preparing for it. On our way down to Tropic late Friday night we were in Beaver when he suddenly realized he'd left his tag all the way home in Kaysville. We were a little over an hour away from Tropic. I told him there was no freakin way we were turning around now since we were so close. Finally it was decided that he would go back and get the tag as soon as he dropped us off. He's lucky he has such good friends that volunteered to go along. They got back at around 6:30 the next morning, tag in hand, only to head back out to hunt. I told Brannon this experience was about as bad as the time we drove all the way up north from Cedar City so that I could take a test and when we got there, I realized I got the test date wrong and had missed it by two days. You think he let me live that down easy? No way! Lucky for him I was too tired to give him his classic "organization" lecture (a lecture I hear frequently from him). After about six days of hunting he finally snagged this buck. Apparently he shot the wrong one, but I say it's better than nothing at all and there's always a chance that he'll draw out for this hunt again when he's 45. So don't fret Bran, that monster buck is still out there waiting for you!
The other night this was the only way he would go to bed. He is fast outgrowing his crib since he can now climb in and out of it by himself. I worry he'll fall and crack open his head, so we're converting to toddler bed this week...I think my nights are about to get harder!


Cami and Justin said...

Cutest pirate ever, and the skirt turned out great!!! You're going to be whipping out materpieces in no time :)

Janice Twitchell said...

Chelle, It was so good to have you guys down! I'm sure you're glad to be back in your own element after a long time away from home. I hope Taj is feeling better! He was such a cute pirate. I did notice one thing that was forgotten. One of his little blue blankets. I'll wash it and send it up. I can't get over the vaseline! Your days are just beginning with that stuff! Makes me not really want Kagen to grow up past this age so I don't have to experience it as well! Or maybe I can get him to skip it? :) THanks again! Love ya!

Brian and Megan said...

Taj's personality reminds me so much of Gavin. I can barely get Gavin to get dressed in the morning. Last year he was supposed to be a pirate but refused to wear any of his costume. This year he decided to partially wear his cookie monster costume. I feel your pain ; ) We got Gavin a big boy bed and he actually sleeps better in it so I hope Taj does the same for you!