Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Days in AZ

Obviously I didn't pack shorts, but it was fun sitting poolside anyway with my mom and sister:)
Taj was able to con his uncle Brian into some swim time in the deep end of the kiddie pond:)
This is Brian and Easton making the most of that rock.

Now THAT is helmet hair!

My sister would kill me if she saw this!
Taj was a true road warrior. He didn't make a peep so long as the movies kept rolling:)
We got to play on a white, sandy beach. It was at the pool, but who cares? It was sand and it was warm!

This is me telling my mom to hurry up and take the flippin picture because Taj was pulling my hair and trying to throw himself backwards, typical....

No we don't have a Great Dane, we have walnuts, which are almost as bad as cleaning up dog bombs. We decided we'd better get them cleaned up before the snow set in.
Brannon's one of those guys that you always see out in the yard picking up stray leaves and obsessing about the design the lawn mower makes in the least no one would ever accuse us of being rednecks by looking at our lawn!

First let me start by thanking all of you for your advice on our little "situation" with Taj. I think that we are going to break down and face our fears and try potty training. If it works it works and if it doesn't....well, we'll resort to plan B: duct tape.
On a happier note, I got to bum a ride to Arizona with my parents to see my sister and her husband. I still hadn't approved their dwelling, so naturally it was worth the nearly 24 hours of driving to do it. Plus, a huge PLUS, the weather was absolutely perfect while we were there. I'm talking 80 degree weather. I only complained of being hot like twice, which is huge for me. It felt like summer and for once I thought that I could live in Arizona, minus the 100+ degree hot weather months of the year. It was sooo much fun that I think a spring trip is in order to get me through winter (since I came back to record cold temperatures!).
You will all be proud to know that I was brave enough to let my sister's pet chameleon Leonard eat a nasty, creepy crawly worm out of my hand. Trust me, you would know that I was brave if you'd felt the worm's little legs crawling across the palm of your hand and seen a yucky, long , sticky pink tongue dart out to scoop it up. For some reason Taj associated the lizard with a cat and every time he saw it he was like, "Kitty, Nooo (meow)." No Taj, that is definitely NOT a kitty!
The drive down was beautiful and I think next summer we'll take a road trip on Route 66! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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DANIELLE said...

Your hair looks so cute, and Taj is so handsome! He looks BUSY!!!! I wish we were there to witness a tantrum though because you got to see way to many of Averies....while Taj was in his angel phase! Hope you guys have a good Christmas.