Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Taj!

I can't believe that I officially have a two-year-old! This year poor Taj didn't get much of a party, but he could have cared less. I think the new toys made up for the lack in party. Cupcakes were about all I could muster as far as a birthday cake, but they are his favorite, so all was well. We just got back from our vacation the day before his birthday, so I was very tired and very disorganized to say the least!
At two Taj is finally making progress on speech. He's wanting to imitate the words we say more and more now. I've figured out that he can talk, but he only does it when he wants to. No amount of begging or pleading can get him to talk unless it's his idea first...already like a man! The best news of all, besides being binki-less, we are now bottle-less too and just in the nick of time! He still takes a nap in the afternoon if I take him for a drive to put him to sleep first, otherwise, he has a caniption if I try to put him back in his bed in the middle of the day. However, at night, after his bath, he wants to go to bed. He'll put his blanket and his favorite toy of the day in the crib and then lead us by the hand to his crib so we can put him in it. Then he'll say, "Night, night! Bye guys!" He still loves to be outside playing in the sand, swinging in our neighbor's backyard, riding his bike, and going for walks. His favorite thing to do is to watch Disney movies downstairs with his momma. He's still a little drama queen when he doesn't get his way. He's a little boy to the core and loves playing with his cars and trucks. He loves to go for rides on four wheelers, tractors, motorcycles, you name it. If it has a motor in it, he'll want to ride it. He also likes to read a story before bedtime, just like his momma. It's amazing how much he is like his dad. Brannon always jokes that he got his bad attitude from me:) He melts my heart when he hugs me and gives me kisses. This mom stuff keeps getting better and better. My little man is growing up! We love you Taj!

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