Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Terrible Twos

Doesn't this picture say it all? I didn't think things would get any worse just because Taj turned two, but turns out he had other plans. I thought I would just be dealing with the daily temper tantrums, but as it turns out at two, kids start to get smarter and learn to talk back. He tells me "No!" to about anything I ask him or tell him to do...not a good sign, or maybe it's because he only knows how to say a handful of words and he knows that "No" gets his point across with Mom. I figure that he's slower on speech development because he's been working on those motor skills. He's actually quite good at running out into the street at Mach 5, giving me daily heart attacks, climbing the piano and terrorizing my Halloween decorations, climbing fences, the backs of table chairs, the tops of furniture, including night stands, and all the scary big kid stuff at the playground. He still has no fear of anything, which scares the you know what out of me because he's getting faster and stronger, which means that it's harder for me to keep up. Occasionally he'll con his dad into taking him for a little motorcycle ride around the block, after which he will cling to the motorcycle's tire screaming and crying because he wants to go for another ride. I am now forced to take him for an afternoon ride to put him to sleep if I want him to take a nap for the day, otherwise trying to put him in his crib when it's not officially bedtime is like trying to catch a fart in a skillet, impossible! His personality is definitely in full bloom...heaven have mercy on us! To Taj's credit there are several moments in the day that make it all worth it, for example when he voluntarily gives me hugs and kisses or when he wants me to hang out in his members only exclusive play Lightning McQueen play hut. We love him...let the "terrible twos" rage in all their fury! I'm sure we'll come out perfect parents afterwards! ;)

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