Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ta Da!

Thanks everyone for critquing my dress designs, seriously, I was so happy to see that people actually commented! And some day when I'm rich and famous, I will give all of you the credit! Haha, just kidding, not about giving you credit, but about being rich and famous:) I think now I know which sketch to really work on. Lace is definitely what I was thinking for the white dress, super feminine and super classy, Jackie Kennedy classy!

Now for the event you've all been waiting for: I completed my first sewing project today. It only took me about two hours and a good friend to help me figure out how to thread the machine. I'm telling you, those bobbins can be evil! And it took me probably an hour to pin the hem on the skirt and then to sew it. So...hmm, that's three hours total to hem a skirt. I'm sure some of you are laughing, I am too, I can't believe it took me that long. Seriously though, I'm the girl that got a C in sewing for making pajama bottoms with one of the legs too short and too tight (which my mom still wears) and a stupid stuffed football, which my teacher ripped open when she pulled on the seams to check my hand stitching....good memories. So my greatest accomplishment with this whole project was learning how to thread the machine by myself...I had nightmares about it, but I think I got this! What should I make next? I'm thinking about decorative pillows. They're always so expensive at the store, so why not make my own? I have to start somewhere....


Marci Dawn said...

freakin cute skirt. high waisted with a belt and chunky wedge heels?
or just super casual with a v neck and cute sandals with a fun grandpa hat.
perfection. in my eyes.

Karla said...

That wasn't my mom that gave you bad grades and ripped your football apart, was it??

Sorry if it was