Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's never too late for spontenaity!

This was taken in Randolph, not sure what it is, but it's got to be historical and it warranted a picture.
I told Bran I'd include a photo taken by him. He liked the tree and the flag here, so he snapped this shot. I just added some color to spice it up a bit:) Nice pic love!

I've never seen the Logan temple before and this is where our journey ended. It's a beautiful stone temple sitting atop a big, green hill overlooking the city, so cool!

He would live in the water if I let him....

Taj still speaks a language unknown to man, but he means what he says and even uses his arms for emphasis:)

WE didn't actually go to this part of the lake because we didn't wan't to pay for it, so we went to the free side with all the mosquitos...miraculously Taj and I escaped without a bite, but Brannon must have sweet blood because he was covered in welts all over his legs and arms, poor guy...

Our oasis on an unplanned journey.

This is all we saw for miles and miles

We used our handy dandy road map for navigation, who needs a TomTom?
The sun kept getting him in the eyes and he screamed like a banshee every time, you know the kind of scream that makes the hair on your neck stand up.

On Sunday we usually go for a ride or a walk in the afternoons to pass the time and get out of our flippin hot house. Brannon thought it would be cool to drive to Eden (wherever that is) and I agreed since I've never been there before. Well, what started as a drive to Eden ended as an outing at Bear Lake. Bear Lake, mind you is clear at the very top of Utah, by the Wyoming and Idaho border, so it wasn't exactly a short drive. What makes this even better is that we were all crammed in Brannon's corolla, which we call the black beauty (faded paint, missing hub caps, bolts rattle loose if you go 60 mph, you know, that kind of car). At least the AC started blowing cold air by the time we were halfway there. We really weren't planning on going that far, but it got to be dinner time and there was no where to eat, at all, just teeny tiny town after town. We just kept driving on and on looking for somewhere to eat so Taj would stop freaking out and eventually we ended up at Bear Lake at a cool little drive in called Merlin's. It was like an oasis in the desert for us, we were so desperate:) They do make the best fresh raspberry shakes if you're ever in the area. We did stop and let Taj play in the water, I mean how could we not since we drove all the way up there? In all, we spent about six hours on the road, but it was totally worth it to get on the road and not know where we're going and to see new places. We saw a lot of amazing country that day. I would totally do it all over again, even in the black beauty!

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