Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That's Life...

So we had a busy weekend, so busy that it's taken me Monday and Tuesday to recover...well maybe the weekend wasn't that busy, but it did fly by way too fast as it does every weekend. Last weekend we went out to eat and to a drive-in movie to celebrate our anniversary. We actually thought taking Taj along to the movie would be fun...I don't advise it until your children are old enough to sit down and enjoy the movie. First it started raining, but the movie went on, so that wasn't a problem, but then it got really hot in the car, so we had to crack the windows and let it rain in our car. Then Taj got out of hand and started screaming, so we had to roll the windows back up so we didn't ruin the movie for everyone else, so needless to say, it got SUPER hot. Covered in sweat from wrestling Taj and sitting in a hot car, I lost it and put Taj in the back of the car to run wild. Everything was fine until we heard a cracking noise, like plastic cracking, and we looked behind us to see that Taj had stripped the plastic covering off the back window. I tell you, if its not nailed down, he'll find it and tear it off! So we survived the movie and drove home sweaty, exhausted, and grumpy.

The next day we went to the zoo. Let me just say that it's too expensive to take a toddler that could care less about the animals and would rather just run wild. It was hot too and I don't do hot. It does things to me, like turns me into Dr. Jeckyl.

I thought Sunday for sure would be a day of rest and relaxation and for the most part it was until we had dinner. Mind you, we had been fasting all day and were super starved. Baked potatoes were part of the meal plan that night and when it was time to eat, they were still a little undercooked, so I was like "I'll just leave them in a few more minutes and while I'm at it, I'm going to turn the latch on the oven door and lock it, so Taj can't open it and burn himself." Well just as Brannon was like "How bout those bake potatoes?" I figured out I couldn't get the oven back open. The latch was jammed. My eye is twitching as I write this. It was so ironic, that blasted oven door was between us and those delicious, garlic-roasted baked potatoes on a fast Sunday! Brannon jerked on that handle for about ten minutes before realizing that we'd have to take to bleepity bleep oven apart just to get out the potatoes. So about a half hour later after pulling the oven out of the wall, taking it apart, sweeping and mopping up the mess behind it, we thought we fixed it and I was like "Yes, finally!" but when I pulled on the oven door, it still refused to budge! It was one of those moments that made you want to swear. Brannon laid the heat on that handle (roughed it up a bit) and bent it back into shape. By the time we did actually get the oven open, we weren't even hungry anymore, so they are in my fridge, right now...they may never get eaten.

Anywho, we did manage to have some fun and take a few pics, so here they are:


Marci Dawn said...

yayyy!im glad you put your comments back. taj is as handsome as ever..and rowdy. :) i miss him sooo bad. let me kidnap him for like a week..well actually i probably wouldn't survive a week. a day. yes a day. love you!

Kelly said...

Love the stove story! 5 years already! We're coming up on 3...time goes by so dang fast! Taj is getting so big...they grow so dang fast too!