Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice Day for a White Wedding...

I know these pics are super out of order, but I'm giving myself a gold star just for posting tonight. Brannon got me a new camera for mother's day, so I played around with it a bit at the reception.
"Hey everyone, where did our grandmas go?" "Oh wait, there they are!"
I just happened to look up when I was outside to see that my grandmas had decided to take a tour of the old hotel, so funny!
This kid was just begging to get outside and tear the place up.

He graciously allowed me one shot looking into the camera and even managed a half smile...

This was my sister's wedding cake: 400 cupcakes. Brannon had to pick them up in Provo on his way down and drive for five hours with the AC going full blast so they didn't melt, what a trooper!

This is the Hyland Hotel in Monticello where my sister had her reception. It's actually a historic site now, but they rent it out for such occasions. It's a super cool venue if you're going for vintage/antique themes.
All I wanted is a picture, is that so much to ask? A demon took over my child on my sister's wedding day. That's what happens when he won't go to sleep until 1:00 a.m. We fought him all day long, which made for two tired, cranky parents at the end of the day. That's parenthood though right?

Taj is such a ladies' man! Look at him strut past my sister's roommates. I can already tell he is just like his dad:)
My lil' sis Marci married her sweetheart on May 7th in the Monticello, UT temple. They are seriously the kind of couple that have always been meant for each other. They are the fairytale couple!
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bothwell
(sparklers are an awesome idea for a sendoff!)

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