Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day at the Living Planet Aquarium

This kid loves to be in the eye of the camera. He literally stood there and posed for my sister for at least 10 min. He even went so far as to sit down right in front of the camera, just to make it easier for her to capture his good side:)

Okay, so we went to The Living Planet Aquarium a week ago, but blogging about it now is better than never right? This place actually a lot better than we expected it to be. Outside it looks like an old grocery store (because it is), but they've done some amazing things inside. They've got a pool full of stingrays that kids can pet, a shark tank, a penguin tank, tropical fish, etc. Apparently, this is a pilot location of sorts. They are building an even bigger and better aquarium in the near future. Seriously though, if you're up north with nothing to do for an hour, go check it out. You'll be pleasantly surprised! My sister Marci brought her camera along (I did too, but I left it in the car and really didn't want to walk all the way back out to get it. Plus, her camera is awesome), so I have her to thank for the pics, thanks sis!

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