Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All About Taj (for journal purposes)

I thought I'd better do a post about Taj. He is growing up so quick and I don't want to forget the little things I love about him right now! I just took him to his 18 month well-check yesterday. He's officially done with immunizations until he's in kindergarten! He had his last two yesterday, but he also had to get poked three times in the arm so they could draw blood to test him for allergies to food. After three pokes, they still couldn't get enough blood because Taj was so upset that the blood wouldn't flow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to do it again, talk about traumatizing!

Anyway, he weighs only 22 lbs. and has since he turned one. He is the WORST eater I have ever known and just when I thought I was done with formula, I have to start buying it again because he won't eat! I'm going to get this kid eating if it kills me! He is in the 75th percentile for the size of his head and in the 85th percentile for his height. So at least he is still growing:)

As far as personality goes, he has a lot of it. He is very stubborn and strong-willed. He likes to do things his way and when he wants. He tells us "No!" a lot, which is okay with me because at least I know what he doesn't want. He still puts on a pretty good fit about once or twice a day and is starting to get possessive of his toys. He babbles constantly and manages to say a few coherent words like: blankie, 1,2,3, doggie, mommy, daddy, thank you, what's that, binkie, hi, and he can bark like a dog and whinny like a horse. He understands commands like: go get your blankie or let's go upstairs or outside. So while he still doesn't make a lot of sense, it's encouraging to know that he is understanding and comprehending our language.

Taj loves to be outside more than anything even if it is thirty below or hurricane weather. He loves dogs and loves going to the park. He likes to push his cars around on the floor and right now he's in to buckling things and putting lids on containers. He also likes to watch a good movie every once in awhile too. He loves reading books and I am more than happy to oblige. His favorites are Goodnight Moon and Millie Moo.

Mercifully, he is still taking about a three hour afternoon nap, which gives me a well-needed break to get things done. He loves to give slobbery kisses and sometimes will even pucker up for a kiss. Snuggling time is very rare and cherished. We feel so blessed to have his spunky little soul in our family. We love you Taj!

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