Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heavenly Weather

Taj and I made the rounds this weekend solo. Brannon has been out of town, again, so Taj and I flew the coop to spend time with my parents in Provo at the BYU state track meet. My little sister Macee took state in the 1A division 2 mile race, so we're super proud of her:) She needed to end the season off good. Anywhere I take Taj though, there is no time for just sitting, so I followed him around with my camera to make all that running around a tad bit productive. Hope you all were able to get out and enjoy the good weather! Sunday Brannon was home so we took a drive up Farmington canyon since the weather was so beautiful. This boy loves water and throwing rocks!

He is laughing right here because I skidded down a dirt and gravel hill in my tennis shoes and almost turfed it on my camera. Hilarious...but I don't get that many shots of him actually looking at the camera, so I slid down the hill a couple more times for his entertainment, but what mom wouldn't? My little pirahna boy.

I'm too sexy for my shirt.
When my mom saw this car, she was like "Wow, that's a classic!" I was like "Are you serious? No it's not, maybe in Burt Reynolds' day, but now? No." The front license plate said "Pride Certified" would't have been shock to have seen Uncle Rico step out of this rig:)

Taj, thoroughly enjoying the leash...not.

The said leash from the back, kinda cute huh?
The face of a champion.
My future track star already conquering the hurdles.

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