Sunday, March 1, 2015

Halloween Carnival Birthday Bash

We decided we could get away with combining Taj and Haiven's birthdays again this year (actually last year because this post is SO LATE!). Our kids absolutely love Halloween, so we decided we'd do a Halloween carnival-themed birthday party for them. Holy crap! I had no idea how crazy it can be with 20+ kids all on a massive sugar and pizza high. It was two hours of chaos, but there wasn't a single kid there without a smile on his/her face. I'd call it a success and an every-other-year sort of party. Taj turned the big 06 and Haiven graduated to the Torrential Threes. Here are a few pics to commemorate the occasion!
 Obviously the weather was still unusually warm for October! I like her style. I think the boots are a perfect neutral accent to the hot pink  flower and frills and the polka dots.

 She still can't ride this bike. Doesn't get the whole "pedal" concept. Maybe this summer!
 This bike was a little too big back in October, but he OWNS it now! (After a lot of falling over in the backyard too many times to count and scolding us for getting him a bike that is WAY TOO BIG for him, haha)

 My best friend from my childhood, Sinamin, holding Sawyer boy while we conduct the chaos. She's the best!

 They were so excited they got to wear their Halloween costumes BEFORE Halloween
The last picture we have of Haiven with her binkie. Her teeth were glad to see that go!

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