Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Tea Party

Once upon a time there was a grandmother who loved dressing up in funny hats and having tea parties. We feasted on cucumber sandwiches, blueberry scones, apples and caramel, and lemon sweet bread. What better to wash all that down with than little Miss Haiven's drink of choice: apple juice! 
This is how we chose to party while the boys were off hunting last October. I think our time was much better spent;)

 Sawyer was only 3 months old, so he got to join in on the party. He was obviously very happy about it!
 My red ensemble paired well together and it was not hard to  imagine that I came straight from a nursing home garden party. My mom chose a light blue/gray hat to really make her eyes pop and accent her Little House on the Prairie-inspired dress.
 Haiv chose a subtle pink hat (she's not one for making a statement) that accented her satin princess dress. She definitely won the best-dressed award!
 Granny Martha really wowed in that rose-colored floppy hat and her medieval pouf-sleeved shirt, haha

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