Sunday, March 15, 2015

Christmas 2013

Teaching school and raising two kids really did a number on me. I am now just getting to our Christmas 2013 post. This was our first Christmas at home as a little family. It was awesome. I think Brannon and I had more fun than the kids did. Waiting for them to wake up made the night seem to last forever. I know one thing, those kids have a daddy that loves them! There were many hours  spent in the cold shed (aka Santa's workshop) putting everything together. 

 We celebrated the New Year with some sledding on the fabulous hill at the school I taught at. Haiven mostly sat at the bottom of the hill and cried. Not too hard to believe right? The rest of us had a blast and we went back again this year. Taj can't get enough of it. Haiv cried this time too, but at least we got her to try it out a few times this time around. Making progress!


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