Sunday, June 17, 2012

Livy Came to Town

First I wanted to thank those of you who commented on my last post. Sometimes it's good to hear encouraging words. They seem to help you through another day, so thank you.

Reason #572 why my posts are so late: the fact that Blogger keeps flipping my pictures sideways irks me and I'm kind of a perfectionist and like everything aligned as it should be. Therefore, I feel if my pictures are sideways, my posts are the product of incompetence.

Reason #573 why my posts are so late: For some reason I have been so so tired at night (I am not pregnant and if I were it would be the biggest surprise I've had in my entire life!) when the kids have been put to bed. My dilemma is that that is the time I usually do stuff like blogging and facebooking. Tonight out of sheer will power I am doing this post. I may even get a little over zealous and do two whole posts.

Reason #574 why my posts are so late: I am so behind now that the thought of the pictures and stories I have to post is frightening, so I may have been procrastinating as well.

Well, with that said, onward and upward. Cousin Livy came to town a couple weekends ago and Taj couldn't have been more happy. I have never seen that kid eat so much, play so much with another child, or be so naughty because they fought over toys constantly. Having Livy here was so good for Taj. What Livy ate, Taj ate and vice versa. That part was nice because Taj actually ate three times a day for a couple days, which was basically a miracle for the kid who survives on Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast powder and tortilla chips. He was also a lot more interested in the potty thing because cousin Livy is potty trained. I've been potty training him this week and so far we are doing great so long as he can walk around naked all day and pee on the patio and grass in the backyard. I hope it doesn't kill the grass, but at this point I could care less as long as we get that boy trained before school in the fall!

We spent three hours at Boondocks with cousin Livy. They absolutely loved it. I'm telling you that is the place to go if you want to wear your kids out to the bone. Taj and Livy were practically falling asleep in our arms when we left. I wish Taj got to spend more time with Liv. I'm sure as they grow up they will get to be good friends. I have never seen Taj play so well with another kid. We love you Livy! Come back to visit soon!

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