Monday, May 28, 2012

Road Trippin

 We could not for the life of us get a good picture with my former boss Syrus and his wife Tina. They gave me my first job when I first moved to Cedar City to go to SUU. I worked for them for most of my college career at the the quaint and tasty Pastry Pub. Seriously, if you are ever visiting Cedar and crave fresh food (amazing salads, sandwiches, homemade soups, etc) this is the place to go! If you visit during the Shakespeare Festival, you are likely to bump into several actors from the plays while you are there. I'm so grateful to these people. I would have starved to death had they not hired me out of a 100 applications sitting in a thick pile on their desk. I just kept bugging them until they probably thought they should just hire me since I was going in there everyday anyway. I remember towards the end of Spring semester my first year, I was low on money and I only ate when I worked my shift at "The Pub." When I wasn't working I ate oatmeal because that was all I had left on my tragically bare shelf space allotted to me in my apartment that I shared with 5 other girls. My bare cupboards were a result of my naive foolish spending habits. I went wild with spending, even driving all the way up to Provo to purchase a coat from Gap because the St. George mall didn't have Gap. I guess spending too much money was better than the other "wild" alternatives that a lot of young people indulge in when they leave the home front. ANYWAY, my point is, I must have been looking a little skinny or something because after one of my shifts, Syrus gave me a giant bushel of bananas. He NEVER just gave away food (he's a shrewd Persian business man!). I was very grateful for the gesture, but wondered what in the heck I was going to do with 20+ bananas. I think it was a good thing my roomates liked bananas! I also remember one time when I was having a hard time and he was so concerned about me that he had me go outside and sit in his truck and he played Enya's "Only Time" for me. I was a little freaked out at first, but his intentions were always good. Haha, I still laugh when I think about that. He called me "Meesh" while I worked there and he never let any customer treat me poorly. Working there will forever be burned in my college experience memories. 

 Does anyone know how to get photos to not do this on Blogger? It's so irritating!
 We certainly had a weekend of perfect pictures:)

We were very to glad to see that Nola and her cat "Cat" were still doing well. We always stop by and visit when we are in Cedar. I'm just so grateful she has a wonderful friend that looks after her because she has no family to do that for her. We used to look after her when we lived in her complex and we still worry about her:)

These pictures are from our trip to Cedar City at the beginning of this month. I guess better late than never! We checked out the Iron Mission Museum/State Park (who knew there could be a legit state park right in the middle of Cedar City, UT?) Taj LOVED sitting on all the old tractors and we had quite a time trying to get him out of there. That kid seriously is obsessed with anything that has wheels and a steering wheel. In the five years that Brannon and I actually lived in Cedar City, we had never been to Iron Mission. I definitely think it's a lot more fun with kids. We also caught up with some old friends, no pun intended:), while we were there. You know, it was almost like coming home when we first drove into Cedar City. We sure miss that place, especially the people we left behind! We always get nostalgic and sentimental when we go back there and it's hard to leave. I suppose for now we will just have to settle with visiting.

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