Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Life Lately in Pictures

Because I am incredibly behind with my posts, I am going to do my classic go-to technique of pictures with captions. Life has been so busy right now, mostly consumed with blowing bubbles, wagon rides, riding bikes, taking walks, reading the same three books over and over again, cutting the tops of millions of "apackacicles" (popsicles), introducing the wonderful world of food to my baby Haivi, working on teething, and generally just everything a mom does. I've tried to limit my time with technology and be a more "in the moment mom" and it's really made a difference so far. I'm going to keep blogging so that I can keep our family journal current, but I don't think Facebook or Pinterest needs me so much anymore....my kids need me, technology doesn't. I can honestly say that life without technology has been a lot less stressful and I've been a lot more clear-headed and organized. As for my newfound love for Netflix, well, we can't conquer all our demons at once, can we?

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