Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haiven's Stats

This picture was taken by Taj. I'm sure Brannon will love that look on his face and I'm sure that he will especially love that I posted it on the blog:)

I just realized that I forgot to post Haiven's 6 month stats. She is in the 85% percentile for her height, the 67% percentile for her weight, and her head is in the 99% percentile. So basically her head is really huge! We took her to Primary Children's to a neurosurgeon to check it out. She had a c-scan that revealed she has excess fluid around her brain, which is making her head grow large at a fast rate. Not to worry though, apparently this condition is perfectly normal and she should outgrow it by school age. We will definitely keep a close eye on her noggin just in case though. She sure does get A LOT of kisses on that big nog of hers! She is now almost 7 months, so I guess I am staying true to my nature in that I am late for almost everything. I don't think I used to be late for everything until I had kids, but on second thought, I do remember being late almost always for my early morning college classes. Geeze, I must be a major procrastinator or something and throwing kids in the mix definitely did not help this bad habit of mine, but I am giving myself brownie points for trying anyway!

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