Sunday, March 25, 2012


He would NOT stay out of this photoshoot I was doing for some friends, so I thought I would snap of picture of him and those darn balloons that kept floating in and out of the frame:)

Everyone told me 3's are harder than 2's and I'm here to confirm that is in fact 100% correct! Taj is getting more and more stubborn about doing things "his" way. We will ask him something and usually the response we get is "Uh-Uh," "No, es my tun (it's my turn)!", "Oh Gosh!" or "No, es zzzzis (no, it's this)." That last phrase he uses to try to change the subject. He'll also point his finger at us and ask "Spankin?", like "Do you want me to give you a spank?" We've found that time out gets far better results as this kid HATES to sit still. He absolutely has to have his hat and boots before he even steps outside. He wears them everywhere. His latest favorite animal noises to make are snake (for this he makes the "z" sound, only it sounds like a crappy transmission gearing down from overdrive), a turtle (he makes a sound like someone snorting in their sleep-don't have any idea where he got the idea that a turtle make that noise!), and a duck/chicken/anything flying fowl (for this he makes a VERY loud, gutteral "ew-WACK WACK!" which as Brannon put it, sounds more like a duck with it's throat in a dog's mouth). He loves making his baby "tister" smile and I can already tell that those two are going to be TROUBLE! She just laughs and smiles at him when he is being especially naughty! Lately he loves being outside in the backyard riding his bike, his big wheel, or his four wheeler. The other day he told me "Oh hey! Good job!" when I put on my shoes. I laughed and thought everyone could use some encouragement for doing the little things:) He is quite the little man these days and likes to act so grown up out "working in the yard" and "fixing" his bike and fourwheeler. I believe he has also adopted an imaginary friend because when I look at him through the window to check on him outside, he is quite often having an animated conversation with someone. He is everything I always wanted my little boy to be. I love that little stink so much!

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