Sunday, March 25, 2012



Little Haivi is growing up so fast! She is coming up on 6 months and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone! She continues to say "mamma" and now she even likes to snuggle a little bit on our shoulders or bury her face in our necks. She gets lots of squeezes and kisses when she does that! She is such a pleasant and easy going baby. I told Brannon that getting up in the night to feed her is not so bad because she always greets me with a big smile. She continues to roll from her back to her stomach, but still hasn't figured out how to do it the other way around. She found her feet this last week and loves to grab them when she plays on the floor. She is also reaching out and grabbing/wacking about everything she can get her little hands on. When I feed her her bottle, she likes to pull on her hair or my hair, whichever is closest. She also loves trying to grab her daddy's nose. I laugh because Taj did the same thing when he was a baby. I told Bran that he must have a big nose because why else would babies try to grab it? :) She also still gets some serious bedhead, but I'm hoping that will get better as it gets longer! She is my sweet little cupcake and we are loving every minute with her!

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Keri Ramsay Sorensen said...

She is so cute, Michelle! Love her name, too :)