Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Taj was bored in our backyard, so I cruised the local KSL classifieds and found him a sandbox. I didn't want to buy a new one just in case he didn't even like it. I guess even if he does just like it for just a few weeks, at least I didn't pay much for it! I bought the sand from Home Depot for only $3.43 a bag. I think that's pretty cheap considering it only took two bags to fill it. For anyone looking for sand for their sandbox, the sand I bought is called "Play Sand," made and cleaned specifically for sandboxes.
Good thing the sand was cheap because Taj doesn't know that the sand is supposed to STAY in the box. Besides filling up his car with it, there are little sand piles all over our backyard now, which drives Brannon crazy because he's pretty OCD when it comes to the yard. I just laugh because to me that's parenthood and those little sand piles all over our yard are reminders that we have a healthy, active, little boy running around the place, or should I say practically RUNNING the place!
This is what summertime does to little boys and I love it. What I don't love is that our bed has become Taj's new camp out spot. I have caught him more than once with his shoes on burrowed down in our nice, clean sheets snacking on Oreos or Doritos or whatever else he has found to snack on. Besides finding sand in our sheets, you can also find crumbs and the occasional dried booger. Lucky for me, he prefers Brannon's side of the bed, so I stay relatively untouched by Taj's grimy boy habits:)


adamkristalee said...

Keziah likes to burrow in Adam's side of the bed as well which I like for the same reasons, no crumbs or dirt on my side. :)

Janice Twitchell said...

my kids like their dads side of the bed too! but they can't eat on it. chelle I have been trying to talk cole into getting a sand box or building one for the kids. he says the dirt is good enough. but sand is different to me. hopefully he'll give in before the end of the summer. :)