Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a weekend!

I admit, I did let out a swearword on this one. This is the portable DVD player I froze my keister off waiting in line for at Target on Black Friday last year. How did it get this way? Skunks, I blame them. Let me explain. On our way up to watch fireworks at Ruby's Inn we came upon a giant black and white mass in the rode. We couldn't tell what it was and we were all like, "Oh! Whatever it is, it's not dead yet!" As we got closer, we realized it was a flippin herd of skunks, like at least ten of them all eating something dead in the road. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. We dodged every last one of them and made it to fireworks safely. Well, on the way back we were coming back into town right about where we saw the skunks the first time. Brannon came up on some cars and decided to pass them. At this point, let it be known that I said, "I wouldn't do that. You're going to hit whatever's dead in the road that the skunks were eating." His response: floor it anyway. Also note that we are in Black Magic, aka, the black corolla. Just as we are about to pass the car, there it is, a big, fat, dead skunk in the road and the next thing I heard was, thump thump. I was like, "See, I TOLD you we'd hit whatever was dead in the road and it was a flippin skunk!" Bran was like, "No it was a coyote or something." Me: "No, I'm sure it was a skunk." As we're driving up the road, the most potent and eye-burning smell wafted through the vents and filled the car, skunk, dead skunk! Bran was like, "I smell skunk." No kidding! We just ran over one! At this point, he admitted that yes we did run over a dead skunk. We pulled into the garage at his dad's house and when we opened our car doors it was even worse. It literally smelled as if we had all been sprayed. When we walked in the house his dad was like, "What in the hell is that smell?! Did somebody get sprayed by a skunk?" At this point, I made Brannon back the car out of the garage so it didn't stink up the whole house. How does this tie in with the fried DVD player? Well, because we backed the car out to sit in the hot sun the next day (with the DVD player in the back window) the sun melted it. I almost cried when I saw it, but miraculously, the screen still works and the sound does too, although it sounds more like a loud staticky radio. Moral of this story: Men, listen to your wife because sometimes she's actually right! As for the skunk smell, even two days later on our way back home, we got an occasional whif of skunk nastiness.
Taj got to do everything a little boy loves to do on the farm, including driving this tractor around with his daddy. Brannon tried to get him off, but couldn't pry Taj's fingers from the steering wheel. He is exactly like his dad in sooo many ways.

This is the face of a champion. We are proud to announce that our son won the one-year-old boys race at the festivities in Tropic. He beat out three other little boys. It was a real nail-biter;) Basically, I stood at the starting line and Brannon stood at the finish line, so all he had to do was run to daddy. These races are a tradition every 4th of July in Tropic and Brannon ran in them when he was a little boy, so it was fun to have Taj run in them as well and actually win:)

A close-up of the medal since it hangs below Taj's belly button. It says, "Winner." That's right, our son is a winner! j/k We are going to keep it just in case he never wins anything else in his life:)
This is called Georgetown. It's an old, old cemetary just south of Tropic. Yes we are in our Sunday clothes...we skipped out of Sunday school to walk through a "haunted" cemetary. We're all about wholesome family activities. Really though, this place has spawned a variety of ghost stories from the locals, which makes it even cooler!

Taj is already riding bareback, that kid will tackle anything!

I think Brannon enjoyed the jumbo blow-up slide as much as Taj did. Brannon was the one who was like, "How many more tickets do we have? I think we should go again!" I was all for it, as long as I didn't have to go down it and incur injuries such as raspberries and wedgies.


Kelly said...

Sorry about your DVD. Even more sorry your car smelled like skunk. I don't know how many times I've proved Chad wrong:) To answer your question...I've been running this summer... have a 10k coming up next month. Now if I could only get toned:)Chad wants me to put on some weight. Men...:) You look great've always been way cute!

Janice Twitchell said...

wow! you had a weekend! so sorry about the skunk and the dvd player. way to go taj! cambri is still asking where "her taj" is. she loves that kid! he's so stinkin cute! it was so great to see you guys! and I can't wait to see you next weekend!