Tuesday, August 11, 2009


After (I love painting old furniture) These projects help me keep my sanity....

Brannon enjoyed the tent more than Taj did, just look at that pose;)

Taj's first run-in with the ground...scabbed up his nose and forehead pretty good:(

Notice the white sticky goo in Bran's hair...tha's what happens when you give a baby a marshmallow stick

Okay, so I know I'm not the best blogger. Sometimes it seems more like a chore and when it feels like that, I tend to procrastinate. So this is me making my best effort to blog for the week...We have been so busy this summer, perhaps that adds to my blog neglect, but it has been so much fun. Last weekend we decided to go up the mountain for a hike and to cook some tin dins, but it didn't quite work out...We drove and drove up this winding canyon, only to turn around and drive and drive back down the windy canyon to turn off on a dead-end paved road which was occupied with a couple of seedy-looking characters smoking what was probably some wacky tobacky. So we turned back around and headed down the canyon in search of a campground that wasn't there and before we knew it we were headed out of the mouth of the canyon. I told Brannon that there was no way we were driving back up that canyon. All I got out of it was carsickness and a grumpy attitude. Brannon was grumpy too and we argued the whole way back home about who's fault it was that we just wasted our time and gas and we didn't even step foot on the mountain. To make lemonade out of lemons we cooked out in our backyard and Brannon went as far as to set up our tent...I guess he really wanted to feel like we were in the mountains. At any rate, he and Taj loved playing around in it.

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Chad and Kelly said...

Wow Taj is getting so so big! It was good seeing you guys at the reunion...you have a cute little family:)