Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He loves pulling all the tupperware out as well as everything else

Marci and Brian....we love him Marce!

Thank goodness for the umberella...I don't know why they always have to spray water on everyone in the parade, makes for a bad hair day:(

My mom and dad enjoying the parade in the shade of a willow tree, I don't know if it was a willow tree, but it was big

I love this pic...it's like the sprint commercials of cell phone signals


DANIELLE said...

Well it looks like fun! Let us know when your coming back to SLC. I just love when Averie asks me wheres taj mom?

Brian and Megan said...

How fun!! I hope you guys are doing great! Taj is getting so handsome!! I think our babies are starting to look like little boys!

Janice Twitchell said...

I didn't know you went to Monticello until Brannon called completely bored out of his mind and talked to me for like a 1/2 hour! Poor guy, he missed you guys like crazy. But I'm glad you got to go and spend time with your family. Next time you need a break, come see me for a week k?! :o)