Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My sister relunctantly turning 19 because "20 is gross"

Taj loves this dog, I don't so much....she is wild and spooks easily...for instance during a rainstorm on Sunday she blew through the screen door, knocked down a fence in the backyard, and made a mad dash into our neighbor's kitchen and hid under their table...ahh wet dog smell, de-lish....

I took Easton and Taj to play mini golf at "the merc." I still beat Easton even with my wiggle worm attached to me...call me the mini golf momma champ

THis is Archibald and he is so fat that he can sit on his hams without tipping over...I'm not sure a skinny weiner dog could do it. He is actually from the first litter of my dog Molly, who is also still alive and old and fat.

Grandma did "food therapy" with Taj this week because he refuses to eat solid food, she was successful with the graham cracker, but not puffs...

July has been crazy busy for us. I headed home for about two weeks to MOnti (as my indie sis calls it) to get a break from the city life. Brannon was gone to Seattle for a conference and I didn't want to brave handling Taj on my own for a week, my heart really does go out to single mothers! I tried to make the most of my time in small town America by taking walks in the evening so that I could see the stars again, I visited some old friends, showed the baby off again (courtesy of mom and dad), hit the pioneer day parade and fireworks, attended a class reunion, and ran (drum roll please) a 5K ( I know that it may not be that impressive, but I've never run a race before and I promised myself that if my throat was fixed I would run a race...don't ask what place I got, just know that I finished it;) I can barely walk because I'm so sore, but it was worth it. Anyway, there is something healing about going home and I think I good to go in the city for another three or four months...it's really not that bad, I've finally made friends and you can't beat the convenience of the city. Taj has now figured out how to crawl thanks to grandpa T and his crawling therapy....thanks dad, now I have a bonafide destructo bot on my hands:) Taj has also figured out how to point at things he's interested in, so cute...kids are like puppies, but they get smarter:) It's an amazing process to watch. HOpe everyone else is enjoying the last days of summer!

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