Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Island Farm Pumpkin Patch

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Black Island Farm in Syracuse.  We bought our discounted passes on KSL deals for $9 bucks! That included the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, the corn maze, and the many activities they have for kids (slides, train ride, etc.). The only con to this trip were the mosquitos! There was basically a cloud that followed us out to the pumpkin patch and they are aggressive buggers. I got bit at least four times. So if you go out in the evening, spray on that bug spray and light a few dozen citronella candles to hand out to everyone on the wagon ride and you should be fine. Seriously though, bring bug spray. One woman even joked, "Don't like mosquitos? Didn't you know that mosquitos are Black Island's state bird?" I could only half-way laugh at that because I was in a panic trying to swat the pests away. FYI they DO bite through clothing like leggings, easily, in fact I think they are attracted to people who wear leggings, like me. Minus the mosquitos, it was a great evening. The kids loved picking out their own pumpkins and being pulled by a tractor. It was a beautiful fall evening and worth the bites just to have some Halloween fun.

 Sawyer boy was a good sport, even when he had a mosquito sucking the life blood out of his forehead. That is quite the landing strip for a mosquito though isn't it?

 Taj found his good friend Ryder from school and they were so excited to get to ride next to each other, well at least Taj was, haha.

 There were hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins. They have a ton of patches too, this was only one of them.

 The man driving the tractor picked out a baby pumpkin for Sawyer. They have really nice people working for them!

 Taj was pretty proud of his picks. He of course picked the biggest one for himself and then he chose mine for me since I waited with Sawyer on the wagon.



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