Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pioneer Day 2013 Parade

If you read my previous post, then here is the proof in pictures that the Plain City 4th of July Parade was pretty much the same as a parade you would see in Monticello--note the tractor picture of Taj with a big grin on his face. For a kid that is obsessed with motors, gears, levers, and tires, small town parades are the jack pot for him because we get to see A LOT of moving farm machinery in a small town parade.
We usually spend the 24th in Monticello every year. It's kind of the one holiday that everyone tries to make it back home for. It's right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas, only somehow I think the kids think a parade and candy and fireworks are a little more fun than turkey and stuffing. This year we won't be able to make it, which is a HUGE bummer because I really wanted to be there for my 10 year class reunion and catch up with some old friends.  I catch up with old friends every year anyway over the 24th--you just need to go to the annual softball tournament and you can pretty much run into MHS alumni from every class that ever attended MHS. Besides missing my old friends, the kids are going to miss out on jeep rides, four wheeler rides, and playing with Papi, my parents' old golden retriever. Little man is set to make his appearance any day now (I hope!), so heading south will not be on the agenda this year. Thank goodness we found Plain City because at least we can still take the kids to a parade.
Here's to hoping the next post will be a debut of little man!

 She wasn't two yet in this pic. I love those little piggies in her hair and it makes me sad to think that she won't ever be this small again. Why does watching your kids grow up have to be painful???
 He looks so small here too. He's going to be 6 years old this year and he's starting kindergarten. I don't know how I'm going to handle having him gone EVERY day to school. I'm definitely going to miss driving around an assortment of jeeps, trucks, four-wheelers, trailers, motorcycles, and boats up and down the stairs and around the coffee table in the living room with this boy while Haiven naps in the afternoon. He has quite the imagination-never grow up Taj!
 Me and my Granny Martha. She's known as "Granny" in my house because the kids got too confused with two "Grammas" in Monticello. I sure do love this ol' spitfire of a grandma!
  My brother was new daddy in this pic. Kids grow up fast in one short year and now his little man isn't so little anymore and he's into EVERYTHING! That boy is an accident waiting to happen. I forget how busy little boys can be. He's reminded me of what I have to look forward to when this little guy finally decides it's safe to come out!

 You would think the two tough guys in the picture could have mustered up a smile--come on guys the parade was a little more exciting than that! That's my dad and brother by the way and their personalities are much livelier than depicted. My mom looks beautimous of course and happy to be there with her number one fan on her lap!

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