Sunday, June 29, 2014

4th of July 2013/Baby Blessing

These pics are from the 4th of July last year. Our favorite part about the 4th is definitely the fireworks (and the food). Fireworks are super expensive, so we just get enough to put on a show that any 5-year-old would enjoy. Aerials aren't needed to impress this bunch. Throw in a few fountains, some sparklers, and a smoke bomb or two and we're good to go!

 Little Miss Thing was so scared of the fireworks that we just had to put her to bed and then finish our show. I'm hoping she's outgrown it a bit this time around, but I doubt it! She is THE biggest scaredy-pants I've ever known.
Aww, the classic sparkler pic. I actually hate that particular type of sparkler Taj is holding. All of a sudden it began crackling and spraying sparks EVERYWHERE. Pretty sure they were meant to be held while wearing a fire-protective suit. We ditched the rest of the box in the trash. I didn't even get sparklers for this year's show--seems like someone is always getting their hand burned on those stupid things anyway.

I can't remember exactly what month is was that my brother blessed his first baby, but I found these pictures from the big day. I do recall my brother starting the blessing off wrong and all us VERY irreverently trying not to laugh.  How rude, right?! That's my family for you. You can be sure that you will never take yourself too seriously with this bunch.

 We are just missing my sister Marci and her hubs Brian. They have since added a fourth grandchild to the mix, Little Miss Cora Mae.
 My parents with the grandbabies.
 Obviously my kids adore my dad. He's been a celebrity in our house since Taj was born and I don't think he minds that in the least. It's nice to feel adored, right?

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