Sunday, December 2, 2012

Festival of Trees

 So true! One of my favorites!

 Taj's tree. He called it the "cat in da hat twee"
 Brannon's tree, can you tell why?
 Haivi's tree
 The sweet little "Drama Queen" that inspired this tree. I don't know her story, but she looks like she was one sweet little girl while she was here on earth.
 Also Haivi's tree
 Tree made of plastic bottles
 This too is Haivi's tree because she loves her Minnie Mouse so much!
 Is this not the girliest tree you have ever seen?! Total Haivi as well.
 We tried getting a decent picture of the two of them, obviously that was impossible because we only had partial cooperation at any one time.

A few days ago we decided to take the kiddos down to the Festival of Trees. We went on a Thursday thinking it wouldn't be THAT busy, but we were definitely wrong. People were practically pushing each other out of the way to just to get a better look at the Spongebob tree or the tree made out of wood or the one made out of plastic bottles. There were so many trees and so many people that we were lucky to see at least the tree toppers. We finally shed a little humanity as well and ram-rodded people out of the way with Haiven's stroller. She had eaten a messy, crumbly sucker and made a mess all over the side of it and the dried result somewhat resembled puke so people were more than happy to bail out of our way. We covered maybe half of the trees that were there. I have never seen so many trees in one place! The kids liked looking at the trees, but as a family we all agreed that the gingerbread village was by far our favorite to look at.

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