Monday, March 7, 2011


Since I practically grated my knuckle off on the cheese grater tonight while making a "gourmet" dish that I thought a nice wedge of grated Parmesan would compliment nicely, Brannon was the hero of the night and opted to do bath time for me. I gimped my way through the dinner dishes just fine, but the thought of taking on Taj and a nightly soaking when he doesn't want to get out made my knuckle start crying all over again.
To make things a little easier for Brannon, I set out Taj's pajamas, a clean diaper, and a new bottle of lotion with Chamomile scent. It's supposed to be calming right? Er wait, am I thinking of Lavender? Either way, Taj would be more calming to me if he smelled like Chamomile when he's throwing a classic two year old fit. Somehow Brannon managed to get Taj out of the tub without getting soaked himself and when I walked passed Taj's room where Brannon was getting Taj all lathered up with the new lotion, I first saw Brannon scrutinizing the label on the lotion bottle and then I heard him say, "" I was like "What was that?" And when I finally realized what he was trying to do, I laughed...I know sooooo rude, but it was the funniest thing I've heard all day. That's when I told him it's Chamomile, you know, like the herb, like Lavender. They make scented lotions, candles, herbal tea and the like with it.
You really can't blame a guy if he doesn't know what Chamomile is. Brannon is more of a man's man if you know what I mean, not in to that girly herbal stuff. At least he was resourceful and tried to use Spanish to interpret the word since he didn't recognize it in English:) I love this guy!


The Askeroth Family said...

That cracks me up, that is so Brannon. He is hilarious! Isaac and I still laugh all the time about when Brannon (seriously) told us that if he could have any job, it would be Regis Philbin's job. HAHA.

Cherish said...

ha ha that is so funny! I would laugh too.