Friday, January 29, 2010

Music Lover

Last night after we fed Taj dinner and let him run free, Brannon and I were sitting at the table eating when we heard Bonjovi "Cause I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted, dead or alive" blaring from our computer in the office. We ran back there thinking he had somehow climbed up on the swivel office chair that even I sometimes have a hard time staying in. I was sure that he would fall and break an arm or something worse, and to our relief, he had not climbed up the chair, but just reached his grimy little fingers up on the desk and starting hitting buttons on the computer. He know he is not supposed to play with the computer, so if left unattended that boy makes our computer emit sounds I've never heard before.
Tonight I was skimming over blogs when I heard country music literally pulsating from our bedroom, it was so loud. I went in to find this: Taj on the floor jamming out to Randy Travis. He was even doing some head banging and shimmying. (Pretend you don't see the unmade bed and dirty sock on the floor. I'm not perfect.) P.S. Notice the stenciling on the hardwood floor? That too is Betty style. I don't like it, Brannon said just the opposite when he first saw it. He thinks it adds to the vintage accents in our home (old doors, creaky floors, really old 1950s linoleum, etc.)

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