Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post-Christmas Blues

Our first Christmas as a "family"

Super cool sunset in South Ogden

My neighbor's apricot. I was scared to take this pic
because there were mean-looking dogs running loose around
the neighborhood and I narrowly escaped coming face-to-face
with them. I thought the snow on the apricot look kinda cool.

Blue Mountain with horse head and snow on her side.

Taj's first Christmas:) We had to hold him up. He kept tipping
over into the glittery red package and he ended up with tons of
of glitter in his hair. I was still picking it out of his hair for days

So Christmas and New Years is over and it's back to real world I guess. The day after Christmas is so anti-climatic for me because I look forward to it from about October and then it's suddenly over in one day. It's almost like I expected Christmas Day to last longer than 24 hours. I wondered why I felt so bad and I think it's because everyone has to go back to where they came from and people resume their everyday hubub tasks without the Christmas spirit. There's no excitement. I wish we could maintain the Christmas spirit year round, but then I wonder if Christmas would be so exciting. Hmmm...anyway, we did have a good Christmas with family and it was nice to escape Salt Lake City for a while. As for New Year's resolutions, well I'm taking my time resolving to do things. I've never stuck to a resolution and I think it's because life gets in the way, so this year I've got to come up with a resolution that works when life does get in the way. I've included some pics from Christmas and some awesome nature scenes. It's so fun to take pictures in the winter!

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