Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Pics!

Cool leave on our front porch in Salt Lake.

We had tons of snow in Monticello--like four feet!

My mom picked out some snazzy pink jammies
for us to wear on Christmas Eve.

My view from our porch in Salt Lake-not so bad:)

Taj in his new bed--such a big boy!


Jonathonandaudrey said...

Hey Shell.. I didn't know you lived in Salt Lake! We are going to be moving to the Layton area probably in a month or so.. We should get together sometime!

Hetal said...

hey cute pictures. Taj is so cute. Tell your mom hi for me.

Brian and Megan said...

Is Taj sleeping in his crib yet? Gavin is not. He is still in our room in a bassinet. I was wondering if that was Taj's new bed! He is getting cuter all the time.

Janice said...

Such a good Christmas! I can't believe Taj is getting so big! He's such a cute little man! The jammies are cute too! I'm glad you had a great Christmas, is Taj in a crib? Hopefully we can see you soon!

Andy & Alicia said...

That picture of Taj is so stinkin cute! HOly cow, I love his hair!

Trista Rich said...

Oh my goodness, he is getting too big already... Well I hope that christmas went well and hope that we get to see you soon. Sorry that we didn't get to see our friends for the break. some way cool pictures Michelle