Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are cyclists

We have decided to be cyclists. We, or should I say, Brannon took hiself down to the Costco and bought us some "real" nice bikes. And a trailer for the kids. Love that place. Who doesn't? It's like a one-stop shopping experience. You can buy anything there that your little heart desires. We desired bikes because we are both tired of carrying around those darn spare tires that only seem to get bigger and never smaller. We were in a pickle you see because who in the heck has time to exercise when you've got two kids and jobs and a house and a yard to take care of? I don't get those people who spend hours upon hours at the gym. They must not have real jobs or they don't have kids. If they do have kids, then they are probably neglecting them. A great solution, we thought, would be to take up cycling and get a trailer for the kids to ride in. Those first two weeks were glorious. We had raw rumps and every muscle ached, but it felt good because we knew our bodies were actually getting some exercise. Then the "newness" and "fun-ness" of it all wore off and the kids decided they couldn't stand to be in such close quarter with each other. A half-hour bike ride turned into 30 minutes of torture for all involved as we sailed down the road with a screeching and cackling trailer. Haiven does the screeching and Taj does the cackling. When you have to stop every 2 minutes to see who's touching who and who's "wooking at me" or "bothuwing me," all that's left to do is to turn hide and head home as fast as you can before it gets too violent in the back.
Brannon suggested that on Memorial Day we go for a bike ride. I was down with it as long as we could figure out a way to separate the gremlins. We pulled out an old bike seat and problem solved. We rode the Bridal Veil Falls trail up Provo Canyon and I can guarantee that it did not disappoint. We were surrounded by steep mountain sides lush with vegetation and rode along side a lovely little river on a paved, shaded path. When we got to the falls, there were quite a few people there who had the same idea as us, but there was still plenty of room for us to have our own little corner of the shallow end of the falls for the kids to play in. We passed two parks on the way up and on the way back when Taj announced in the middle of the ride that he had to "poop," we thought no prob! We stopped in at a campground bathroom and when Taj and I opened the door and stepped into fresh sewage that had flooded the entire bathroom, I told him there was no way in hades we were going in there and that he'd have to pinch those bum cheeks of his together until we could find another bathroom. The kid was a champ and managed to wait until we found a more "sanitary" place for him to do the deed. Other than that, the weather was perfect and it was a great day. Haivi only screeched once and there was no complaining on Taj's end either. It was an 8 mile ride round-trip, but wasn't to strenuous. I guess I can say that because I wasn't pulling the trailer and I didn't have Taj on my bike in the seat either. Bran had both kids and I tell you, I was so proud of my man when I looked back at the top of a steep hill and saw his hat turned backwards (that means he's down to business) and him standing up on his bike pedaling with all his might to get those kids up that hill. There were about five hills like that and he never stopped once. I wouldn't be surprised if we made that ride a family tradition every Memorial Day. So if you every see two white bikes pulling a yellow bike trailer on the side of the road, please honk the horn to encourage the Morse Fam to pedal strong.

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