Sunday, April 7, 2013


These pictures speak for themselves. Boy am I glad we were blessed with kids with HUGE personalities. I love them so much. They are my life:
 These boots had to go: he like them way too much:)

 He really didn't want his picture taken here, what's new?
 The snow was melted enough for his first fourwheeler ride of the season.
 Someday his wife will thank me.
 This kid has skills--he put the attachment on himself and went to work on the couch without any prompting from me, love it!

 Best ride of her life, can't you see it in her face?!

 I looked outside to check on the little monkeys and found this scene. Haivi was definitely enjoying herself! If Taj wasn't so good on the fourwheeler, I would never let him do this with her.

 "Doffin" I get squeaky kisses in my face from doffin at least three times a day.

 Haiv was pooped after so much Saturday cleaning. It got quiet and I found her relaxing in the armchair in the living room.
 This boy knows how to work!

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