Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Day

The little stinker refuses to wear gloves outside and so he usually comes in about 15 min. after being out there because he's "cold." Here he is holding his hands out to me to blow on them and warm them up for him:)

We finally got our first snow storm last week and I was totally surprised at how much Taj loves to stomp around in the snow. He usually doesn't like to be cold, but he loves his snow boots and I think he like the "crunch" sound that the snow makes under his boots. I'm glad that he likes to play in the snow and be outside. I did when I was a kid and I love that he gets to get out and be active and get away from the TV!


Kathryn said...

Kids are tricky when it comes to leaving gloves on. The best thing we've come up with is to let them wear my gloves. They have an extra long cuff that we pull half way up her arm. They seem to stay on better that way! Good luck!

Chelle said...

Good idea Kathryn! We will give it a try!