Thursday, December 8, 2011


Haivi loves her daddy as long as he doesn't talk in his baby voice!

Check out that pucker (her consistent reaction to Brannon's baby talk)! At two months old she already know how to melt hearts!

We are all smitten in the Morse household with little Miss Haiven, or "Haivi Gravy" as Brannon calls her. Sometimes he even omits the "Haivi" and just asks, "Where's Gravy?" I'm hoping that's a nickname that doesn't stick! I never knew what kind of nickname Taj would have since his name is only one syllable and three letters long, but I think at the ripe age of three he has a nickname that will stick, "T." I can definitely live with that and I think he will be able to too. "T" was also my dad's nickname when he was growing up, so that's kind of cool. We didn't plan it. "T" was something everyone just started calling him. He also goes by "T Man," which he might think is pretty cool when he gets a little older because it almost sounds like a super hero name and what little boy doesn't wish he were a super hero? I know Brannon got his nickname "Gabby" when he was about three years old, so I thought it would be neat to document when Taj got his. It's not hard to wonder how Brannon got his name! I don't really have a unique nickname like Brannon or Taj. Brannon came from a town where pretty much everyone has a nickname. I never know who he is talking about when he is reliving old memories with his buddies. I hear names like Delburt, Pat, George, Bones, Newt, Bobba Louie, Hermcat, Turp, Bubba, Big Daddy, Construction, Slim, Doug, McGee, and a plethora of others. If you're looking for a unique nickname, head on down to Tropic, there are plenty to choose from!


Janice Twitchell said...

Chelle! I cannot help but laugh because I know all those people he is talking about! Weird how they give unique nicknames here huh? love it. Kagen has recently acquired his from his grandpa, "Pete." He even calls himself that if you ask what his name is. lol. I like "t" it's easy. :)

Jonathonandaudrey said...

She sure is a cutie!