Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I decided to make Brannon's card. I don't know why I don't do this more often. They're cheaper and a lot cuter, plus much more sentimental. Don't judge this card too harshly, it's my first valentine's card and I used what I had, so it was free! Oh and I had to use tape because I didn't have any glue...just had to improvise:)

You can see that his mouth is full...that's an oreo in there. Taj has reverted back to shoving whole cookies and crackers in his mouth. He almost always gags and sometimes pukes. He's been watching his dad eat. I'm coaching both of them to chew their food before they swallow and to take smaller bites;)
This is my cute are those glasses? I told her she was definitely up-to-date with the latest trends in eyewear. She came up to check out our new house with my family a couple weeks ago. It was her 64th birthday. Yep, she's 64 and still going strong:) Don't let her small size fool you. She intimidates the inmates at the local prison she works at. One time I didn't believe she could take me down and all of a sudden my arm was being wrenched up behind my back and Iwas on the floor...I guess that's what they do to get criminals under control. It works! We love Grandma Martha!
My friends Audrey, Jackie, and I get together every time Jackie comes into town. We always meet at Cafe Rio; there's something there for everyone! Who doesn't love it? We usually try to take a picture every time too because our kids grow so fast. We always have so much fun. We always gab for about two hours or sooner, whenever the kids start freaking out. Nap time is not something that can be ignored:) It's so nice to stay in touch with old friends and remember the good times!

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Jonathonandaudrey said...

We have to keep getting together.. It is so much fun to sit and visit :) Thanks for always bringing your camera.. I always forget...