Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Times

Taj is Brannon's little clone to the T. Like his dad, he is always babbling on about something and like his daddy, Taj loves anything with wheels (trucks, strollers, vacuums, shopping carts). He also loves animals, especially dogs. He has no fear of animals or going down the stairs head first, which yes, can be a bad thing. Taj is probably the pickiest eater on the planet and the only things I can get him to eat are Macaroni and Cheese Spirals, Shapes Spaghettios, yogurt, chocolate pudding, pasta with red sauce, pizza, and crackers. That is seriously all he will eat, so we are still doing food therapy to get him to eat more so that we can finally stop buying formula, which will save us like $50 bucks a month! Taj loves to laugh and rough house with his daddy and his grandpas and uncles. He really is all boy. The newest things he likes to do are empy out his dresser drawers into the trash can in his room, tip over the trash can in the kitchen, take all the shoes out the shoe basket and then put them back in, clean out the tupperware cabinent, and playing at the play ground. He has yet to be walking, but he has taken his first steps, he's just a little chicken liver. Anyway, we feel so lucky to have him and he really does inspire us to be better people. Kids really are the epitome of joy.

This is Taj's little cousin Alivia. She is so sweet:) Brannon definitely handled her a lot more gently than he does Taj. Taj loved sticking his finger in her mouth so that she could knaw on it. Yeah I think they hit it off real well:)

This is the worst dog in the whole world. My mom would disagree, but Pappy really is a naughty dog. This dog jumps through screen doors, notice the screen is gone off this window (yep, that was her too), has been known for eating entire plates of cookies of the counter at night and your dinner if your not careful, has been caught dragging unknown animal parts onto the back porch, tearing up newly planted gardens, and the list goes on and on. I would go nuts if she were my dog, thank goodness she's not my problem to worry about...

This is where we took the pictures of Taj and I do have to say that there is a creepy factor going on never know who or what you might run in to....

Is that Cruella Deville??? See you never know who you will run into in the forest...this is actually my sister and I didn't even know that I took this shot, but that huge coat really made her look like Cruella, yeah we had a good laugh over this:)

This is me and my sister trying to do our own special effects with the leaves...
I love this picture...I've been wanting to get one like this for a few months now. Taj absolutely loved the leaves. He loved the crunch noise they made and getting him back out of here was a nightmare. It took me and my sister to carry him back to the car because he was throwing such a huge fit.
This kid laughed himself out of breath...wish we could all have this much fun in the leaves, who needs toys?

Instead of carving pumpkins, my mom thought it would be a good idea to paint a pumpkin. This was part II of our craft fest in Monticello. Taj sat and stared at this for like five minutes straight and then he tried to pull off the cute sparkly spiders, so I had to put this witch up a bit higher.

This was part I of our craft fest in Monticello. This was actually really fun and super simple to make. We will probably do something similar for Christmas, minus the spiders and the webs. Every time my mom gets all of her kids at home on the same weekend, she always breaks out the crafts.

October has honestly flown by so dang fast! I've been at all ends of the state the last two weeks. I spent a week in Monticello and then a few days in Tropic, and now I am back in the city, back to real life again. Is anyone else excited to see some snow? I guess I have mixed feelings about it. I love looking at the snow when it's white and clean and everything looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting. I don't like driving in it or walking in it...I'm too accident prone. I'm bound to fall at least a dozen times this winter and maybe even slide off the road once or twice. Like last year I was driving down a nice plowed road and noticed too late that some moron was snowblowing all the snow off his driveway and into a big pile on the road. I hit the brakes mid-pile and slid off into the curb. I got out to assess the damage and seeing no harm done, hit the road again. Upon further inspection, Brannon found that I bent the rim on the tire...all I can say is that it could've been worse and it was plenty scary. To make matters worse, I now live the at the top of one of the steepest hills in Holladay. Cars go down this hill like tobbogans when there is snow and ice on it. SO I'm panicked guardian angels are going to be working overtime this winter.


Janice Twitchell said...

Cute fall pics! It was fun to see you guys! Hopefully we will see each other soon again!

Lea Ann said...

So, I'm a little hurt :( Pappi is a great dog. She does not have any accidents in the house, she loves everyone :) She is a happy dog and I love her. And hey who can resist some cookies once in awhile. Oh and P.S. if you were terrified of thunder and locked outside during a storm, you may tear a screen up too. Jealous of my dog you are

-DaYaNa- said...

hello, I'm from Argentina I think your photos are very beautiful .... congratulations is really cute.